Hou de zai wu describes the essential, life-giving vitality of our planet. Yi fang shui tu yang yi fang ren describes the influence a place has on a person’s character. Soil follows the ancestry of hou de zai wu from a place through its people and examines the tea drinker’s role in its lineage.

What You'll Do

This engaging, hands-on session brings a unique perspective to camellia sinensis, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental concepts behind the technique of gongfu tea brewing.

By practicing technique in concert with cultural context, you'll learn to honor the character of a place, its people and the natural environment sip by sip.

Whether you’re new to the world of tea or a seasoned sipper, this intimate, interactive group session has something to offer everyone.

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Co-founder, Shifting Senses

"Curiosity is the beginning of understanding." says Rong Gao of her approach to tea. Born in China, she spent her formative years in her family teahouse, or as she puts it: "Tea is in my roots."

Weaving inherited cultural wisdom with her interests in anthropology, history, traditional medicine, economics and spirituality, Rong leads our Destination Tastings experiences, using intimate, first-person storytelling to illuminate and bring context to the breadth and complexity of Chinese culture over tea.


Co-founder, Shifting Senses

"When I get quiet enough to listen, tea can tell me so much about who I am. It connects me to the past, and the stories it carries hold a mirror to the present."

An inveterate coffee drinker turned lao cha gui, Levi searches to locate commonalities between seemingly disparate concepts and tea one sip at a time.

What Other's Are Saying


Destination Tastings are explorations which uncover, discover and reconnect us with our roots through tea.

Tea is a record of time and space, of our Earth’s history. Born from the soil of a place, nurtured and revered by its people, tea is a living embodiment of xiang tu (a village or hometown). Xiang tu zhi qing describes the innate longing for the familiarity and sense of belonging to where we come from. Destination Tastings seek to locate, explore, understand and deepen our connection with our roots.

On The Land of Xiang Tu is an immersive tea tasting series following the natural cycle of birth and rebirth. Join us on a journey to nine distinct regions of China as we uncover the cultural, economic and anthropological contexts of tea’s origins. Take part in tea’s storied lineage with pairings from each region and experience first-hand how gongfu practice enriches and expands your relationship with self, others, the natural environment and the world.

This session is hosted live on Zoom. After you book your session, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

Throughout this 60 minute session, you'll be brewing our Red Rose tea together with your hosts and fellow participants.

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