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About Us

About Us

"A [person] of intuition may be defined as one who allows impressions to be forever new: from this point of view, an object of art is created by those who look at it, and a [person] of intuition is an able artist."

— Soetsu Yanagi

Dear Visitor,

Our senses are the gateway to the world, our connection with our environment and with each other. Shifting Senses is an invitation to slow down, be nourished by the present moment and expand your perception of time and space.

My childhood is a memory of green and nature, or I would conclude in a word: tea. When I was little, spring air would fill our house with the smell of freshly-picked tea leaves. Growing up, my mom taught me how to interact with the world by asking me to notice its subtle and invisible elements. This is where I started to develop my sensitivities about the world around me. Even when away from my hometown, I can return through the memory of senses.

After meeting in New York, Levi and I now live in Wuyishan, a sacred place for Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism and the ancestral home of tea. Though we grew up on opposite sides of the world, the energy from the mountainous green reminds us both of our childhoods.

Born from Xiang Tu Cha Shuo’s core philosophy of connecting to our roots, Shifting Senses invites everyone to tune in to subtleties of the everyday — to slow down and be nurtured by the present moment. Shift beyond the senses to explore the unlimited of time and space.

Welcome to the present.


Rong & Levi