Gongfu Tea Travel Set

For every day use. This sets' refined features make it easy to focus on making, sharing and drinking tea.

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We use this Gongfu set every day. Its practical features allow us focus on making, sharing and drinking tea.

The weight and proportion of the Gaiwan feels good in the hand. The impression in the lid is deeper than most we've found and fits the finger well. The slight flare of the rim warms the fingers but will not burn them. Its pour feels natural and smooth with a turn of the wrist.

The Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Cup) comfortably holds two or three Paos (brews). Its glass body is thick enough to keep your fingers safe without needing a handle. Its spout is wide enough for easy sharing while being narrow enough to prevent any stray leaves from escaping. 

The Three Sip Cups are perfect for sharing and slurping. Their wide bowl and conservative lip make a versatile shape suitable for enjoying a wide variety of teas.

What's more — all the pieces conveniently stack into each other and fit in a compact zippered case for easy storage and convenient Gongfu on-the-go.

Set includes:

(1) Gaiwan
Diameter: 86mm
Height (incl. lid): 76mm
Volume: 100ml
Weight: 108g
Material: Porcelain

(1) Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Cup)
Diameter: 72mm
Height: 91mm
Thickness: 4mm
Volume: 280ml
Weight: 84g
Material: Glass

(3) Three Sip Cups
Diameter: 61mm
Height: 40mm
Volume: 70ml
Weight: 41g
Material: Porcelain

(1) Tea Cloth
Dimensions: 45 x 10cm
Material: Cotton

(1) Carrying Case
Dimensions: 11 x 18 x 9cm
Weight: 385g