Dear Curious Coffee Drinker

Dear Curious Coffee Drinker

Dear Curious Coffee Drinker

Dear curious coffee drinker,

After drinking tea my whole life, I started to drink coffee. Struggling to grind the beans by hand, I enjoyed learning about the possibility and complexity of the beans. My favorite so far is from Sabanilla de Alajuela, Costa Rica. When the concentrated, plumy, silky coffee enters my mouth, it leaves a lemon finish and my brain feels waves of caffeine.

Before tasting drip coffee, I tried some espresso at Abraço in New York and lattes in Southeast Asia. They’re all different and attractive in their own ways. What I’ve learned is that most people drink coffee to boost their energy to get work done. I believe that people develop relationships with coffee because of its unique taste, personality and charm.

However, if I could only choose one drink to drink for the rest of my life, it would have to be tea. Complex in taste, spiritual and mild on the body, tea enables me to be present and be more mindful about both work and life. Tea comforts my nerves at the same time keeping me focused because of it's theanine. Tea also is known for its different health benefits.


What keeps me a loyal fan of tea drinking, though, is its personal charm — the unique tastes of each different crafting from various tea regions. For me, tea is alway a way of life. Drinking tea and getting to know more about the wisdom behind it slows me down. It changes the way I communicate and interact with the world. Tea drinking, starting as a feast over palate, allows me to embark on a journey of understanding different cultures, the human history, and connecting with people.


Rong Gao