On Sustainability

On Sustainability

On Sustainability

Everything is connected

To grow, work, create and transport — everything requires energy in one form or another. Tea uses sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil and surrounding biodiversity. The tea farmers, pickers and crafters get theirs from the food they eat. As do the artisans who make the gaiwans and cups we brew and sip from. The containers and boxes the tea is shipped in use a combination of solar and fossil fuels. And be it by air or ocean, getting the tea from the mountain to your cup uses energy as well.

Our impact strategy

We recognize that the choices we make impact the environment and the lives of the people who work and live in it. From who and where we source our teas from, the techniques our farmers use to grow the tea, to the materials used to store and ship it in, we consider it our responsibility to minimize our impact throughout the entire supply-chain.

Our teas

The farmers and crafters we work with use time-honored techniques inherited from their ancestors. Our teas are not certified organic, but the farmers we work with forgo the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the terroir.

Our packaging

Our tins preserve and maintain the signature terroir and crafting of our teas. They do this while having the highest acceptance rate of any FDA approved food-safe material at recycling centers because they are slightly magnetic, ensuring they enter the circular economy rather than entering landfills or oceans like 91% of plastics do. We encourage you to recycle your tins or reuse them to store and organize spices of small foodstuffs whenever possible.

The labels on our tins are made from 90% bamboo & 10% cotton and are printed using soy based inks. They’re acid and lignin-free and contain no optical brighteners.

An ongoing commitment

We are transitioning to 100% recycled materials to protect the tea and teawares during shipment. While the bubble-wrap we currently use is technically recyclable, the new wrap has a higher rate of acceptance and sortability at recycling centers and is made of 100% post-consumer material.

We continue to seek partners that incorporate renewable energy into their manufacturing processes and enact measures to reduce water waste.

There is always room for improvement, and with your continued patronage, we pledge to uphold these values by making decisions that align with our sustainable and circular goals.